English 1102

English 1102


summary of the Lives on the Boundary. 1-2.5

Our Schools and Our children
Mike rose’s students and his basic thoughts of the school and the education system. For example’s he tells about a student name Laura. She took his classes four times. He talks about goddess of grammar, Grammatica, who gives out message to Laura.
He goes on and talks about his class at UCLA. Who has knowledge but still considered as the “true illiterate.”
At the end of this chapter he discusses about his thoughts and his position of the education.
“I just wanna be Average”
On this chapter Mike Rose discuss about his life as a second generation of Italian peasant immigrated to America with a person from Clalbria. He also talks about his house and his room conditions.
Entering the conversation

The Poem Is a Substitute for Love
Literate Stirrings
Reclaiming the Classroom
The Politics of Remediation
Crossing Boundaries


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